How do I protect myself while browsing

In this article, we will talk about the protection and bug that users of browsers such as Chrom ,opera Firefox, fall into
How do I protect my data through browsers and why should I not save my password? Is it necessary to clear cookies and clear the browser?
Let's start as

we all know that browsers are necessary in all computers, and we can say that they are the basis of computers and smartphones because they facilitate access to website services, download and search for information, but most people make mistakes that cannot be forgiven. Saving their data in browsers and they are the ones who say this themselves, so follow me

How do I protect my data through the browser

Firstly, if you are looking for something on the browser, you will see a lock at the beginning of this link. This is called https Any site where you found that lock with green or locked means that browsing in it is safe along the lines of http it is encrypted information and you should not browse through it or at least Beware of using your real information

Secondly, add-ons (web applications) such like adblock they are dangerous and they should be wary of them, and some of them have penetrated netflix cookies and many and they are most of the insidious add-ons known and they are mine and they take browser cookies and use it if there is an add-on with a rating of 4 stars, then it is alone

The third is the ads on Egybest and other sites where most of it is bombed, and that pressure on it, especially ads, protect your phone from hacking, often asking you for permission to log in, and if you do it, your cookies are gone.

Why shouldn't you save my password?
One of the most dangerous things is keeping a password a few months ago, the Moroccan YouTube Black stated, recommending that he was subjected to a hacking attempt by a Russian, who had been suppressed with his support through publicity.
And he was drummed by installing a program that he had given him to make him public and after installing it, he took all the passwords and information saved in his browser

Is it necessary to clear cookies?
Yes, every time, delete and filter cookies, even if it is QaiRos or Spammer, it will not be able to log in again
Do not forget to save information and passwords, especially credit cards

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