HP acquires hardware developer HyperX for $ 425 million

HP announces the acquisition of its gaming console brand, HyperX, and solutions for $ 425 million. This is in a step to boost its work in the competitive gaming sector.

This acquisition came after HP’s agreement with Kingston, the owner of the brand, to develop accessories for gaming devices, which in turn will continue to provide DRAM memory cards, flash drives and SSD storage disks to gamers, which means that the acquisition includes other products that the company is developing, such as headphones.

HyperX is a well-known brand to gamers having developed numerous solutions and accessories for them over the past 18 years.

The deal represents an important step for HP, which is in the midst of the gaming sector and seeks to compete more strongly, especially since its OMEN brand has not achieved the required resonance, while this could change in the case of developing integrated products for users, as is the case with Razer, for example.

Source: HP Newsroom

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