The most tools and programs for computers

The most important tools and programs for computer hardware

Today we will present to you programs and tools tools for Windows personally use them on a daily basis I hope you like it

We start first with:

1- Youtube song downloader

This is a free program that you will find on the Google search engine. Just write the name This program enables you to download any video from YouTube. It is enough to copy the link and put it in the search box in the program, then press the download arrow and select the format .. 🖤

2- Apache open office

3- Libre Office

These are alternatives for all Microsoft office programs Or maybe better than them for ease of use and superstitious feature Plus they are open source 700% free, and they have all the formats for me. You can save files with them

4- Photoscape

This is a light program for editing images with beautiful features close to Adobe Photoshop But incurred

5-GeoGebra Classic

This is special for students of mathematics and functions. It is enough to write the function and receive the representation its dialects and many features … 🖤

6- video to video

This program is free, you can convert the format of any media file from Mp4 to mp3 / wave …….


For people, books, and Hatta, for me, Kidero, Marketing, this is a library. Books are arranged in a Zwina way, and there are many advantages … 🖤


People of Windows 10, I know you are messing around with this dac photo viewer

This is a light program, but it can open media files at an incredible speed, unlike the built-in program, so I can get sick … 🖤


This is a program for cutting pictures, removing the background, and other defects, in any case, in the form of … 🖤


This is a tool for changing the colors of the screen so that the desk touches your eyes, you can choose the color for me to relax, why do you reduce the light effect on your eyes


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