Discover a completely crazy trashy series by the writers of deadpool that gives us a big slap. Wayne makes a scathing critique of a section of American society left in the shambles of its misery with a vitriolic and unfiltered gaze. In a style reminiscent of The End of the F *** ing World, Shameless or Justified, the story takes place in the universe of poor America plagued by drugs and violence. We follow Wayne, a puny and reserved young teenager who plays the role of the fearless anti-hero to perfection. A series that alternates between offbeat comedy and ultra-violent action. An explosive cocktail that will delight aficionados of supercharged road trips and rough action. To be reserved for an informed public! (Forbidden at least 16 years old). The first episode is available for free with French subtitles (to be activated in the options of the Youtube player). To see the rest, a Youtube Premium subscription is necessary but the 1st month is free.

Synopsis: We follow the energetic 15-year-old Wayne who meets Del, as crazy as he is. His pet peeve: the inequalities he cannot stand. Together, they will hit the road aboard a motorbike in an attempt to recover the 1978 Pontiac Trans Am, stolen from his father, who was seriously ill with cancer …

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